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    Dear there,
    Would you please tell me the meaning of variables and how can we write correct research questions through levels of abstraction.Could you please give me as many examples as you can? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: variables

    In computer programming, a variable is a place holder whose value can change from time to time. For example, in C/C++:
    int a; /* a is a variable of integer type */
    a = 10; /* the value 10 is assigned to the variable a */
    a++; / * the variable a is increased by 1; now a is 11 */

    In mathematics, a variable is a value that you want to supply as an input to a function. For example,
    f(x) = x + 10
    Here, x is a varibale. It is sometimes called a parameter.

    See Variable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for more information.

    In a research environment, a variable is a setting that can affect the outcome of your experiment. For example, let us consider the following chemical equations.
    A + B = C (at temperature 25 degree Celsius)
    A + B = D (at temperature 100 degree Celsius)

    Here, "temperature" is an important variable/parameter in your experimental setup.

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    Re: variables

    Regarding the "level of abstraction", it means how much detailed information you want to show/hide when you study a thing.

    For example, if you see a "car" with a high level of abstraction, it is a land vehicle that takes you from point A to point B.
    But, if you see a car with a lower level of abstraction, it is a collection of engine, chassis (frame), wheels, seats, etc.
    If you see it as a yet another lower level of abstraction, you will see it as a collection of pistons, bolts, nuts, wires, circuits, etc.

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