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    1) There are 2 kinds of private tutors for children as follow:

    a) the tutor will go to the child's home to conduct the private class,

    b) the child will go the tutor's home for private class

    How do I describe/name the above a & b tutorial in terms of the venue of the class taken place in

    i) "tutor's home" ,

    ii) "child's home"

    __________________________________________________ _________

    2) There are 2 kinds of private tutor's task as follow:

    1) the tutor is not teaching any particular subject but mainly be with the child and make sure the child has all the daily homework completed within the session of tutorial.

    2) the tutor is teaching particular subject within the designed session of tutorial.

    What do we name the above tutors in terms of the task responsibility to the child:

    i) "guide and watch for homework without focusing/teaching particular subject" ,

    ii) "teaching particular subject"

    tks / ju

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    Re: tutors

    Followings are what I think. Not very sure.

    (1) home tutor vs class tutor
    (2) study guide vs subject tutor/teacher

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