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    Sorry, but I still do not manage this task.

    What do the data in 3) tell us about the internal strucure of English NPs and why?
    3) a. the student from london with long hair
    b. *the student of linguistics of physics

    I am so desperate =/// please help, I just cannot manage it on my own...

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    Post Re: Syntax

    English noun phrase may be composed of elements belonging to two distinct categories:
    1/ adjuncts
    2/ complements

    The first sentence (a.) comprises adjuncts (from London; with long hair), which can be embedded in the NP 'til infinity. Adjuncts are optional recurrent (=able to be embedded many times) elements.

    The second sentence (b.*) comprises complements, which are elements of different status - obligatory and excluded from recurrence.

    (Explanation by my friend)

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    Re: Syntax

    wow thank you so much! that will help me indeed! thanks again!!!

    honestly you make me really happy with that answer, since this task was killing me...

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