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    Hi everyone,

    It would be my first time to emcee and I'm quite clueless. Here's the program and I don't know how to introduce each item... It's 10:08 here in New Zealand and the party starts at 4pm. They did not give me so much time for this. I hope someone can help. Transition statements and filler statements will be helpful, too.

    1. Philippine National Anthem and NZ National Anthem - Let us all rise for the P. Nat. Anthem... Please remain standing for the New Zealand N. Anthem?? / Now let us hear the NZ Anthem?
    2. Invocation by... - Please remain standing for the invocation to be led by...?
    3. Opening Remarks by... - May we have / Let us have the opening remarks...... what's next?
    4. Financial Report by... -
    5. Intermission
    6. Oath Taking of Officers to be led by...
    7. President’s Speech
    8. Intermission
    9. Philippine Independence Day Commemoration (presentation) by...
    10. Intermission (cultural dance)
    11. Anniversary Presentation to be led by...
    12. Intermission
    13. Acknowledging the Players and Supporters of the South Pinoy Island Sportsfest by...
    14. Intermission
    15. Recognition of MVP
    16. Intermission (???)
    17. Dinner
    18. Party until 11:00PM
    My phrases are getting more and more redundant; I start with "May we now...", "Let's hear from...", "Now, let's have/hear from..."
    I'm really no good at emceeing. Kindly improve my phrases above. I'm getting so hopeless.

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    Re: Emceeing

    I know it's a bit late now, but in Britain we say 'Please be upstanding...'


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