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    i am a collage undergraduate i encounter english suject as a minor subject and i also participate in the class discussion most often when i was a student i undestood some of the rules but most of the time during my conversation with my boss i have a feeling that he did not undestand what im trying to say so i used my hands or facial impression to describe something to help him to undestand my point. im not good in english language please help me

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    Re: Confuse

    Hello, I'm The French,

    Don't give up. It's not easy to speak and write good English. You must learn step by step the rules of English grammar with a little vocabulary.

    I think you need to read English or American newspapers, to become better than you are, but it's like a tunnel, you have a begining and one end.

    I give you one grammar rule:

    I always in capital.

    Have a nice day.

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