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    Meaning of 'wavering' and is comma needed?

    Hi fellow members

    In the original post, the word was 'mile'. I have amended it to 'smile'. My apologies for the error.

    Pritam stopped reading, maliciously staring at Mr Bose(,) whose lips were wavering into a smile beneath the ragged moustache.

    1. Is a comma needed after 'Bose'?

    2. What does 'wavering' mean? I've referred to dictionaries, but the meanings given don't seem to give the meaning of the word used in the sentence.

    Many thanks.
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    Re: Meaning of 'wavering' and is comma needed?

    Wavering means shaking, moving back and forth, or slowly oscillating.

    The comma is not absolutely necessary, but it does improve the sentence, and it does accurately reflect the intonation most people would use there during the words "Mr Bose" to show we are continuing with more information about him.

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