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    "stalk and stagger"

    I would like to know what precisely the expression "stalk and stagger" means. It occurs in the following passage of a text I need to translate (into Portuguese):

    "It was then that I realized that I had just walked by his [Baudelaire´s] old home at l’hôtel Pimodan. And at that moment I was sitting just down the street from where he used to visit the infamous Jeanne Duval, who inspired many of the poems. How many times had Baudelaire stalked and staggered the stones of this street?"

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    Re: "stalk and stagger"

    If you stalk the streets, you roam around an area going nowhere in particular. You often do this if you are wrestling with a problem.

    You stagger when you're drunk.

    The writer is trying to conjure up a picture of Baudelaire as a drinker with much on his mind.

    buggles(not a teacher)


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