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Thread: Celta interview

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    Celta interview

    Hi everyone,

    I have a date for my Celta interview and when I asked, was told that there is nothing to prepare in advance, but there will be a written language awareness test on the day as well as group work.

    Please can anyone let me know what to expect of this test and group work, as I am slightly worried and would feel better if I could do some preparation in the next couple of weeks. I know I should probably brush up on my grammar and I have read quite a few "pre-interview tasks" that I've found online.

    Thanks in advance, any help would be much appreciated!

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    Re: Celta interview

    Have they recommended that you buy and read a book? That would be the best place to start If they haven't you should think about investing in either 'The CELTA course' book by Scott Thornbury or 'How to teach english' by Jeremy Harmer and looking over the bits on language and grammar.
    The more prep you do now, the less you will have to sweat during the course. The hardest bits for most people, except for the teaching , is getting to grips with grammar and parts of speech. This is stuff that you need to know to pass the course and be a good teacher, so starting learning it now wouldn't be a bad idea.
    About the inteview, I might be a cynic, but they are running a business so they are highly unlikely to turn you away. These things tend to be diagnostic, if you do terrible at the language awareness they will tell you it's something you need to work on during the course.

    Best of luck,

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    Re: Celta interview

    Thanks very much Sarah, really appreciate your reply and yes I am looking into those books prior to the interview.

    If you have any more handy hints please feel to let me know!
    Did you find the course ok?


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