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Thread: old expression

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    Question old expression

    Coming to medicine is an expression that i can't get.

    plz help me

    m o u s s e l i n e _ 1 8 @ h o t m a i l . c o m

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    Re: old expression

    What was the context of this? Are you sure it's an expression and not a mis-use?
    The only way that I can think of to use 'coming to medicine' would be in the context of a career change.
    Alan was a lawyer, after 20 years he retrained as a doctor. "Coming to medicine from a legal background Alan often had trouble relating to patients sympathetically."

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    Re: old expression

    For Arts you need a score of 925, for Science you need 950. Now, coming to Medicine, you need 990.

    He's fainted! We need to get him to come to! Where's the coming to medicine?

    He tried to learn words from the dictionary. He started at 'media', but gave up even before coming to 'medicine'.

    But why make us guess, Rosy?

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