Young people are important resources to their country, but governments may ignore some problems faced by young people in running the country. In your experience, what does the government need to do for supporting of helping young people? Please identify those problems and give your idea or suggestion to solve the issue.

In contemporary society, human beings are progressing at an amazing rate on various realms. However, the problems had by youngsters, which were often ignored by the governments and societies, have reached such proportions that elderly people doubt whether they belong to the promising generation. This phenomenon has sparked intense attention. It is essential for us to analyse the problems and then pinpoint some effective remedies.

As far as I am concerned, several key problems are thought to be significant in this issue. To start with, the main hazard lies in the fact that the next generation is becoming violence in many aspects. Specifically, the pupils in primary schools begin to be fighters. The victims are often afraid to notice their teachers or parents. As a result, the schools are no longer safe places. Besides, the problem that more and more spoiled children is a serious one. These parents, who are too busy with their work, probably have little spare time to accompany kids. In order to compensate, they buy their children whatever they need or ask. Then children would never be content if they cannot get what they count. Additionally, less and less family has the anxiety about the food. Yet, increasing number of children are wasting food, water and everything.

Based on the above analysis, comprehensive solutions should be designed to alleviate the problems. In the first place, it is the media that mislead our young people. The violent stories or scenes featured in the movies or programs will theoretically lead our kids more prone to violence. The administration of the media should be more rigid. Then, governments could make laws to make parents responsible. Parents must use their time to supervise their kids and point out their weaknesses. Last but not lease, leaders should recognize education is the only long-term key to the problems of youngsters.

Obviously, the next generation calls for more public attention. We have seen and continue to see the drawbacks and severe problems of the young people. We cannot afford to lose our future. Only when effective measures are taken by the government can we make sure we can have a brighter future.