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  1. Will

    Regist[ ]

    All right, I've seen this spelled both ways, and I'm wondering which is right.




    The first one seems correct to me, though, I've also seen the second one used. I'm confused...a little.

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    If it helps, has no record of "registar"; only "register".

    Where have you seen "registar" ?

  2. Will
    I can't really remember exactly where I saw "registar," but I remember arguing with my mom about how it's "register." And something tonight triggered that thought again. Though, I always use "register."

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    Maybe "registar" is being confused with "registrar" ? :wink:

  3. Will
    That's what I was just thinking, too. Perhaps I just totally skipped over the 'r' there. In fact, that's most likely what happened.

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