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Thread: would rather

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    would rather

    What is the meaning and use of would rather pharase?

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    Re: would rather

    Would rather means prefer or would prefer. Its followed by an infinitive without "to".

    She likes a proper lunch every day but hed rather have (he prefers) sandwiches.

    She wants to move to Boston but hed rather live (hed prefer to live) in New York.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: would rather

    How about "She would rather be a respectable English teacher"? have a nice evening

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    Re: would rather

    Hi yasirkhatry,

    Would rather do = would prefer to do

    Please, note the structure:

    Id would rather do something than do something else.

    Id rather stay at home than go to the stories.

    Should we go by train?

    Well, Id prefer to go by car. Or Well, Id rather go by car.

    Do you want to go out this evening? Id rather not.

    Would rather someone did something

    When you want someone else to do something, you can say Id rather you did Id rather he did.

    We use the past in the structure, but the meaning is present or future.


    Id rather cook dinner now.

    Id rather you cooked dinner now. (not, Id rather you cook.)

    Id rather you didnt tell anyone about what I say.

    Do you mind if I smoke? Id rather you didnt.




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