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    2 analysis of 2 sentences

    1 ( He had a few gray hairs.)
    can also be said as the following
    ( He had a few white hairs.)???

    2 ( He died so that others might live.)
    can be understood as the folloing
    ( He died so miserably( or solemnly) that others might live.)???

    Thanks for your help!!!
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    Re: 2 analysis of 2 sentences

    Hello, I am 'The French',

    for your first sentence, you know surely that the white color it's not the same as grey and for the word hair you have been mistaken.

    The word hair is differente that hairs.

    You have hairs on your body but you have hair on your head.

    For the second quote is one idiom. It's a comparaison between live and dead, but the meaning are not miserably or alone.

    Have a nice day.

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