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    not unlike ...


    Larry and I arrived back for those sessions. And instead of not having touched an instrument for six months, which would have been a possibility, we were already up to speed and went into those sessions very confidently. They were very free-form, not unlike jazz. I suppose I had enough musical knowledge to be able to feel relatively comfortable in that environment. The idea was to make a record that would define itself.

    1. Does "not unlike" mean "very similar to jazz"?
    2. "To make a record that would define itself" - how to say it differently?

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    Post Re: not unlike ...

    not unlike - expressing simple similarity (Urban Dictionary: not unlike) ; nieco podobny, przypominający (not unlike something :: MEGAs?ownik :: internetowy s?ownik angielsko-polski)

    Just for the record: not entirely unlike X - used ironically of things which are in fact almost entirely unlike X, except for one feature which the speaker clearly regards as insignificant. ``That is not entirely unlike least it's small''.Comes directly from the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy scene in which the food synthesizer on the starship Heart of Gold dispenses something "almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea'' ;). @comment from Paul Jimenez , 26 Nov 2000 (

    define itself - my guess would be 'unique' (?)

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