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  1. Rashida Mabhoot

    I need help

    I would appreciate if someone finds me the main verb and subjet on this article please.

    Nobody wants to be sick. Everyone wants to be healty, and most people want to have a long life, too. But a healthy body is not enough. We all want both physical and mental health. What can we do to stay well? Most of us know some things to do. It's a good idea to excersie (for example, in a gym), eat fruit, vegetables, and fish, and drink lots of water. We also know things not to do ; it's a bad idea to eat a lot of junk food, such as chips, ice cream, candy, donuts, and other foods with sugar of fat. It's a bad idea to be a couch potato - a person who watches a lot of TV and doesn't exercise. It's a terrible idea to smoke. But scientists now have new information about other ways to stay healthy. Some of it is surprising.

    Drink Cocoa
    Several beverages are good for the health, Orange juice has vitamin C. Milk has calcium. Black tea and green tea are good for health, too. They have antioxidants; these fight diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Most people know this. but most people don't know about cocoa - hot chocholate. They enjoy the sweet, chocolaty beverage, but they don't know about its antioxidants. It has more antioxidants than tea!


    Too much stress, which is worry about problmes in life, is not good for physical health. For example, it makes your blood pressure go up.. Now we know more. Some stress is chronic, which means that it lasts a long time - for many months or years. Chronic stress can make people old. As people get older, they get gray hair and wrinkles in their skin, and their eyesight and hearing become worse. This is normal. But chronic stress makes people age - grow old - faster. A scientist ast the University of California, San Francisco, studies stress. She can now identify how stess makes people age. It can damage (hurt) the body's DNA. The lesson from this is clear. We need to learn to relax.

    One easy and cheap way to help both your physical and mental health is just to sleep eight hours or more every night, but more and more people are not sleeping enough. According to the World Health Organization, over half the people in the world mayb be sleep-deprived, which means they don't get enough sleep. Sleep-depreived people often have medical problems, such as high blood pressure, diabets (a problem with sugar in the blood), and heart problems. it is also more difficult for them to make decisions. Clearlyl, we need to find time to get more sleep. But there is another reason. A new study from Germany found that sleep makes people smarter. The study shows that the brain continues to work druing sleep and helps the sleeper to work on problems. You didn't do your homework last night? Maybe you can tell you teacher that you were working hard in your sleep!

    Learn Languages

    How many languages do yo speak? there might be good news for you. A study from a university in Canada found something interesting. Bilingual people, who speak two languages very well, do better on tests thatn people who speak only one language. It seems to be mental "exercise" to hold two languages in your brain. Ellen Bialystock of York University says it's "like going to a brain gym."


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    Re: I need help

    "Maintaining healthy' or 'A word of advice for your health'

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    'Maintaining healthy" or
    'A word of advice for your health'

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    Question Re: I need help

    Assalam o Alaikum wa Rahmatullahe wa Barakatuhu!
    I would like to say that, "THE MORE I KNOW, I CAME TO KNOW HOW LITTLE I KNOW". I speak under correction.

    As far as i'm concerned the Subject should be the following:
    Some Vital Factors, Controlling The Health.


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