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    upset/where are you running?

    Dear teachers.

    I'd like to know the meaning of (1) and (2).
    1. upset
    2, Where are you running?

    Maria's suitcase is too heavy. She can't pick it up. No one tries to help her.
    The man in back of her is very impatient. he, too, is waiting to check in his luggage. He is in a hurry to get a good seat on the plane.
    The man said " Why are you taking your time? I'm in a hurry"
    Maria is very angry at the man. But she is very polite.
    Maria said " Why are you so upset? Where are you running?"

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    Re: upset/where are you running?

    'Upset' = in emotional turmoil.

    'Where are you running (to)?' = why are you in such a hurry?

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