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Hi, everyone!

My name is Paula, and I'm a Brazilian journalist living in London in order to learn English - and I've been trying hard! After a bit more than one year, I think it's time to used my skills in this country, and as BBC is still miles away from my reality, I've got to find a way myself and I've come up with a great project!

What is it about? Well, as a journalist, I always feel compelled to work in my field, but it's quite impossible, as my English is not that fluent to get a job writing for native speakers. At the same time, I missed in London a publication targeted for our community - foreign who come to London to learn the language.

Then, my idea is setting up a magazine which will give useful information about life in London, about all this wonderful multicultural world that the students help to form and, at the same time, have the function to help in the task of learning English, spotting the new vocabulary, expressions, etc.

My partner is a British journalist, and happens to be an English teacher with CELTA as well, and I've got lots of experience in the student underworld, so, I think, we might get on well with this!

At the moment, we are in the first step, the market research with students, I'm doing some face to face and we also have an online questionnaire, which is in this link below!

So, I invite you all to take ten minutes or less answering these questions, and help to design our magazine!


All the best,
Paula Goes


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Sounds like an interesting project! Do keep us up to date with this, and good luck!

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