A noun as an adverb

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pdh0224 said:
Dear teachers,

"This will be followed by a multimillion-dollar restoration of the hall,

expected to last three to five years. "

Could you explain the function of 'three to five years' in the sentence?

Is 'three to five years' an object of 'last'?

I don't think so! The sentence speaks for my opinion about a noun as an


Could you tell me your thought?

All the best, :)

This is very simlar to the original question. It can be, as TDOL said, an ellipted adverbial prepositional phrase, but a simpler answer is the same as before. This fits the usage of "last" as a transitive verb. In this case, the phrase is the object of "last".

To keep adequately supplied: left enough bread to last the family for the weekend.
To persist or endure for the entire length of; survive: hoped to last the season without injuring her leg again.
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