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about pronuced

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i have too problem with pronunciation. and u recommend www.americanaccent.com, because teach me the correct pronunciation of words. but this site is too complicated because the information him is confused and i ask the american teacher and she says that it's incorrect the pronounced. she order i find other site.

could u give other site. svp.



re:What is not correct there?

for example
What's your name? > [Whacher name?] in the site say that the pronunced the sentece is this form. and the teacher american say that this is incorrect, and nobody say this way.
other exemple.
actually> [achully]
What did you do?> [Whajoo do?]
i need to talk with the person. teacher, to talk the true!!!
because i'm too confused. for the pronunced of TH.
THank, a people say Sank, other say Tank. and other say a thing that aren't there in portuguese.
That, a people say Dat, other Zat, other say the soud inter d and z, and other say the pronuced that aren't there in portuguese.



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Aug 21, 2004
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Re: re:What is not correct there?


The best way to improve the pronouncing, is by hearing.
So I look for example DVD's in English with subtitle. So I can read, what they say. Also I look every day for ca. one hour CNN or CNBC. I don't know if you get this programmes, if not, look at other programmes of English language. Believe me, you learn the pronouncing by this way.
Try it :wink:

By me, it helped very much. My pronouncing is better than before 3 months, when I start to improve my English. It needs only a little bit time.

Kind regards,
Dany :D


thanks, but in my city dont have this programs, and i need to learn fast english because, i'm going to canada, make university.
i thank by new way.
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