about the classroom instructions!! urgent!!!! Help!!!

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Mar 10, 2007
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Dear All,
I need to teach a Primary 1(second language learners) class and I have no idea whether they will understand the instructions provided by me. I list them below, could you have a look and see whether they are simple enough for them to understand? Thanks a lot!!

Ok, now we will have a game.
Now Every Two of you have two piece of paper. Students on the left are students A, students on the right are students B. Do you understand? Ok, now student A put up your hands. Ok, put down. Students B, put up your hands. Ok, put down, very good.
A asks B: What color is Peggy’s…
B will answer: it’s… and color it.
Then, B asks A: what color is Kelvin’s…
A chooses a color and answer: it’s… and color it.
Do you understand?
Ok, now, let’s invite mini & perse have a try. Perse are on the left, so she is…(student A!), yes, perse, you can ask mini….(what color is Peggy’s hair?) and mini? What can you say? (It’s Red!) ok, then color it. (mini colors it.) And now it’s your turn to ask, (what color is Kelvin’s vest?) Perse? (It’s Green!) and you color it. Very well.
Now do you understand?
Ok, Now the game starts……
Have you finished? Ok, put down your color pens and listen to me. You all now get beautiful pictures. Now you can introduce your pictures to your partner. You can use sentences below the picture. Now, look at me, I will introduce my Peggy to you first, see, this is Peggy, her hair is red, her cat is blue, her blouse is Orange, her shoes are yellow and her trousers are Purple. Thank you~! Now introduce to your partner about your Peggy and your Kelvin



Mar 20, 2007
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A picture is worth a thousand words.....

Simply call up a student from the class. Make sure there are two large figures drawn on the board A and B.

Stand beside one and point to the target language (also on the board) .What colour is ........... (.........)? It is .......... The student answers and then using coloured chalk or marker, colour it. The do the converse....

Prior to this, make sure to engage the students by simply asking What colour is (student's name) ........? Or get a higher level student doing this or in groups/leader led - while you drink your coffee :)



Mar 12, 2008
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it is highly recommended that u shouldn't tell them "do u understand?"coz they will surely answer "yes", they r reluctant to say "no" in front of their classmates.
so u should concept check what u have taught them by asking "yes/no" questions.
good luck!
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