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Sep 21, 2003
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LastProphet0120 said:
What is an allusion and could you give me an example?

As a literary device, an allusion is created by authors by taking a word or a phrase from another source (see 1. below), one the audience may know, and adding it to their work so as to make a connection between the two sources (see 2. below), like this,

1. The American Constitution begins with the words, We the people....
2. We the people at this site would like to welcome you. :hi:

By using the phrase "We the people", the author associates the people at this site (i.e., at UsingEnglish.com) with the people who signed the American Constitution, thereby making one group seem as reputable as the other group. That's the allusion. :wink:

Click here for examples and more. When you get there, scoll down the page until you see the word Allusion.

All the best, :D
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