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Jan 17, 2008
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Please, could you check if there is no grammar and style mistakes? Thank you! :)


Interests:Journalism, communication, new acquaintanceships, travels, youth politics, the creation and realization of new projects, conduct of various events and an attention.

Personal skills: Communicative, intensive reaching of the purposes, self – confidence, self – discipline, enterprising, positive thinking, versatility, creativity, skills in a team and an individual work, organized and features of leader.

Public work and achievements:
Second place winner in national essay contest
The winner of X language essay contest „Let‘s make folklore speaking“
Representative between X and Y, during X project „Z“
The leader of X project „Y“ public relations and advertisement team
The organiser of International project „X“
A member of X
Personal drawings exhibition of Y, which was initiated by famous Lithuanian artist Y.
A member of X (non-political organisation)
Representative in X Newtown student’s house council art studio „X“
A member of Vilnius Newtown student’s house council art studio „X“
Prized in national essay contest „X“


Nov 24, 2007
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1. Could you check if there are any grammar or style mistakes.
Interests: Jounalism, travel, politics.
Personal Skills: self confident, self-disciplined, versitile, creative, have good communication skills and am able to work well both alone and on a team.

Public Works and Achievments:
National essay contest - second place
"Let's Make Fokelore" contest winner
Represented (name) during project (name)
Organised (name)
(name) - member
etc, etc.
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