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and & program

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Dear Sir/ Madam,

1) When should two sentences be combined by 'and', [and] when should they be separated by a full stop?

2) I would very much like to build my own dictionary on the model of you Glossary program, could you help me achieve that?




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Nov 13, 2002
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It's hard to say exactly when they should be separated. It's a matter of feel- they have to be sufficiently independent, though linked, to merit it. See if you could use 'moreover' and, if you can, then you could make them separate sentences. However, this is not done much in formal English.

About the Glossary, I'm not sure what help you want. There is a free download of the Glossary that you can get from our download page, which gives you a nice viewer, which I prefer to the online version in some ways.

Tell me what you're trying to make and I'll help you. the one thing I would say is that it is very hard work- every entry is a separate file and the cross-referencing is a nightmare. It took Red and me a very long time to do and then proof-reading, which is done by our expert Ron, is another very slow task. you have to really want ot do it to go through. If you send me some details of the kind of thing you want, I'm sure we could give you some help, but be prepared to click and click until your arm falls off- it's a labour of love. ;-)
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