Arabic And English

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Jun 18, 2007
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salam Ayed
I'm not a teacher but I'll try to help

Arabic And English
English language is known to be the dominating language in the world. Learning English still has some obstacles attributable to mother tongue language , syllabus and environment.
It is accepted that any student often endeavors to develop his skill, ability and talent in the taught language(I think that the previous sentence is not a sentence ;it is a must add sth). The main syllabuses should be carefully chosen in line with the various levels that student may go through. He/she may study high courses than his/her real level and vice versa. Confining to curriculums at school is not enough for a student to enhance his skills. Not only should he look for other articles that could be helpful to him/her but also not to keep studying school syllabuses only(the end of this sentence is awkward .You have used not only...but also ;then only at the end .Plz reconstruct it.);-). He/she(don't be sexist:-?) has effectively to listen to English broadcasts on radio, TV, and videotapes.
Another important point for the student is to live in an English environment as much as he/she can. If he/she is able to afford expenses, he/she had better to travel abroad to have some basic courses, expose to the language, and bespeak to the native speakers. He/she will have his/her abilities developed, his/her talent sharpened and his/her proficiency boosted.

We , Arab-native speaker , have obstacles in pronunciation. Also, in grammar, some differences between the two languages make it more sophisticated. Moreover, using prepositions is a real thesaurus; because their apparent meaning may lead us to the wrong concept. These are difficulties regarding the languages themselves.
There are other difficulties regarding the learner himself/herself. First of all, he/she might have some troubles with his/her LAD---language acquiring device . Secondly, if he/she is patient, he :-?will not get along with that. As is known, students in Saudi Arabia are being taught in Grammar- Translation Method, which is not that sufficient. So, they do not practice enough spoken utterance. Consequently, they cannot develop English easily.
Nowadays, most of these difficulties are somewhat overcome by using facilities of technology. What we have to do is exploit that successfully.
In short, exposing to English is more important than studying it through books, articles and syllabus.:up::up::up::up::up::up::up:
NB: If you didn't like the use of (she/he) in your essay you may replace it by the plural (they;students;people..... ) or you may use only she
It is neutral .
They are solutions suggested by my teachers for not being sexist or having an awkward sentence.
I repeat again I'm not a teacher
salamou 3alaykom:hi:
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