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Oct 12, 2003
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Here is a story between a smart boy and an old man:

al-Moghirah bin Shu’bah said:”I have never ever been deceived in my life except by a boy from sons of al-Harith bin Ka’b. Mentioned and lauded a gorgeous woman in hearing of that the boy, the following dialogue occurred:

The smart boy:”O, princec!It is silly to marry that woman.

Al-Moghirah :”Why?

The boy:”I really have seen a man kissing her.

It came to pass that Al-Moghiarh stayed at his home for some days .Later on, he was notified that the boy had married that woman. So,al-Moghirah had to see the boy so as to ask him why he warned him and married that woman , eventually!

Al-Moghirah:”Didn’t you tell me that you had seen a man kissing the woman you married?

The boy:” Verily! I saw her father kissed her.

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Nov 13, 2002
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Oct 12, 2003

I hope you be always in good condition.

Right now, I pleasurably invite you, my readers to browse, with me, pages of our history folded and archived in ancient times. Let’s learn from our forepast prophets and ancestors who left for us daily life incidents since tens of hundreds of years ago.


The prophet Ibraheem and his son, Ismaiel(Ishmael)

When the prophet Ismaiel (Ishmael peace be upon him) grew up, he married a woman from “Jorhum tribe”,--an Arabian tribe that dwelt in Makkah valley at Ibraheem’s era).

It came to pass that the prophet Ibraheem (Abraham peace be upon him) dropped by his son’s home, Ismaiel but didn’t find him.Ibraheem asked Ismaiel’s wife where her husband was, then she told him that he was out for hunting and searching for food. Asked by Ibraheem how their life was, the wife answered:

:”…We are destitute human beings in dire need of food and water and in living death”

:”…when your husband gets back home, convey my peace and regards to him and ask him to change his doorsill”, replied Ibraheem.

Got back home and was told by his wife, Ismaiel instantaneously perceived that the visitor was his father and deciphered the message to his wife:

” It is my father; commanding me to divorce and separate from you. Right away! Go and join your family.

Later on, Ismaiel married another woman called on by Ibraheem and the same incident occurred to her. Asked by Ibraheem how their life was, the new wife told him they were in good condition and experience luxury life.

The prophet Ibraheem said:” when your husband gets back home convey my peace and greetings to him and tell him to hold his doorsill firmly”.

----->Notice:” to replace his doorsill “it means “to divorce his wife and marry a new one because the first wife was impatient as if she were objecting and against what Allah, (the God), the Exalted has predestined for her in this transient worldly life. As for the second wife, she was very pleased with what Allah, the Almighty has foreordained for her and no objections.

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1-I hope my translation from Arabic to English is understandable, not clumsy.

2-Any correction be done on my topic is warmly welcomed.

3-Being English native speakers, you have linguistic intuition toward structure of sentences and how far they are expressive.


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Oct 12, 2003
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