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Arc's cover letter and resume

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Arc cannot regist for the forum, so I posted his cover letter and resume


Arc Teng
Room 1003,
No.44 Nong 1422 Tongchuan Rd
Shanghai, 200333
P. R. China

Micro Computer Magazine Press
No 132 Shengli Rd
Chongqin, 400013
P. R. China

Dear Zheng Yajia:

I am Arc, a common college student, I like computer hardware and have strong ability in digital items, I got the ACCD (Adobe China Certified Designer) Qualification, and got a good score (94/100) in middle grade computer ability qualification exam. I like to have a job in the design department in your press.
And, I am the minister of propagandist department of student union.
The job gives too much challenge and fun; I feel exciting and found my value in a group. I think I can do my best and prove my ability in no time.
The last but the most important, I like to study something new, I think the ability of study, not only the study but also the creative in the study is the ultimate of ability, in this way; we can challenge the whole world!


Arc Teng
Room 1003,
No.44 Nong 1422 Tongchuan Rd
Shanghai, 200333
P. R. China
HT:52814073 MT:13916696939

Seeking position of desgine dapartment of Microcomputer Press

Summary of Qualification
Cet-4, Cet-6(processing), Lv2 Computer Chinese Certification, ACCD, middle grade computer ability qualification exam

Core Course entered:
Micro & Marco economy, Basic & Global Marketing, international trade & finance, organization behavior, accounting, international management, Academic & Business communication and Computer (Basic knowledge, Microsoft office, database SQL, VB, VC++)

Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce (SILC) Shanghai University Shanghai, China
Diploma of International Trade, June 2002

Work for Student Union in Silc as minister of propagandist department from 2002-2004
Work as probational saler manager in Volkswagen dealer store in Augest,2004
Work as student culture censor at Shanghai Culture Contral Center in July, 2004


Editor, UsingEnglish.com
Staff member
Nov 13, 2002
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Dear Zheng Yajia:

I am Arc

Dear Mr (I'm not sure whether the family name is Zheng or Yajia, but use it)

Your name is at the bottom of the letter, so why give it here and in a short form?;-)
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