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Array or Arrays

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Aug 7, 2004
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There’re arrays of framed photos displayed horizontally on the tabletop and vertically on the walls. These were the mementoes of Larix, Jak and me.

In the above sentence, is that correct to use "arrays" instead of "array"?
If I mean there's one array of framed photo on the tabletop, and the other array of framed photo on the wall :?:

And am I using the word "momentoes" appropriately in the 2nd sentence? If I'm referring Larix, Jak and I are inside those photos, be it single shot or couple shots?

I appreciate if someone can enlighten me on this. Thanks.:-D


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Nov 13, 2002
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I'd use 'array' there- it can have a plural, butI don't thinkit's necessary here. Also, it should be 'momentos'. ;-)
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