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May 4, 2010
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An airline is running in its in-flight magazine, giving advice to the first-time traveller in your country. You have been asked to write an article about accommodation. Describe the different types of accommodation available, and the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Explain how to find information about accommodation, and what visitors can do if they are dissatisfied with their accommodation.
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Whether you are looking for cheap accommodation or you want to spoil yourself in a luxury apartment, there is a vast of choices available along our Adriatic coast.

For those who want to treat themselves with full service, best choice is a hotel. Apart from a room and board, there are additional facilities and many services available. Saunas, wellness or spa centres are particularly appealing to quest concerned with health and those who would like to spend their holiday relaxing from stresses and strains of everyday life. Many hotels offer tennis court, gym and bowling facilities as well. One has to be aware though that food is served only during preset hours not allowing you much flexibility. Also, you are most likely to spend your entire holiday surrounded with other tourist. In case you experience and inconvenience regarding the service, receptionists are always on your disposal, ready to answer any question you may have or to solve your complaint.

In the small villages and places off the beaten track, private accommodation is readily available. One can book the room, apartment, a holiday house or villa for oneself. Although food is not on offer, there are numerous restaurants to meet the needs of the most demanding gourmand. You may get the chance to meet the locals and get a good insight into the culture and tradition of a place. Tourist agencies trough which u made your booking will be glad to help you arrange your transport to other places, offer excursions and sort out any problem you may experience.

With the recession is full swing, many decide to book a hostel as it is the cheapest option. However, hostels are only available in bigger cities and do not offer any additional service. Despite the lack of privacy one can experience there, for those on a budget they are still the best option.

There are info offices on the airports, bus and train station where you can inform yourself about the options available. Tourist agencies are widely available in every tourist resort as well and if you want to find accommodation by yourself all you have to do is goggle on www.accommodation.hr

Enjoy your holiday!

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