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As the newcomer I have some queries and say 'Hi" to eve

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Hi everyone, It is very interesting to be here to joint with you in this forum. I am from Vietnam and I am studying for TOEFL test. I found this forum very useful for me. And in addition, I am sure that this forum will help me a lot to improve my bad English.
Besides, I also want somth figured out in this forum.
First, I saw some stars just below username line, What does this mean?
Second, I also saw some title like expert, teacher, moderator attached with username. Hence, I guess that they are the ones who manage this forum. Is that right?
Could you please help me have the queries above cleared?
Thanks very much.


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Hi, and welcome to the forum. The stars realte to the number of posts someone makes. I'm not sure how many posts are required per star, but it goes up to seven. The titles like 'Expert', etc, belong to the people who moderate the forum.

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