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will mcculloch

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Jul 5, 2003
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I've just come across a great free Audio Pictionary at ...

... and - in case you haven't heard about the site yet ( a
collaborative project looking for volunteers) - it's definitely
worth a visit. It's a simple but brilliant place to see and hear
words - and test basic vocabulary level in a fun way by moving the
cursor over the images. The site will really help beginners to
quickly expand their basic vocabulary - and also be very useful to
higher level learners who want to test their knowledge of important

What's more - it's available in an ever increasing number of
languages ... so there are already a lot of links to it at

The only thing that I don't understand about the site is this - why
isn't it already linked to from all the top language learning sites?!

I'd be interested to hear what others think - and if anyone knows of
any other similar free Audio Pictionary sites.

best wishes etc
Will ;)


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Nov 13, 2002
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It's linked to from here now. Thanks for the link, Will. ;-)
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