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Feb 29, 2008
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To whom it may concern.

I am pilot and i hold a pilot licence which is based on ICAO rules.

As per March 1st, 2008, all ICAO pilot licence need to have passed an english test.

Up to this date i have not received any information about how or where to do such a test.

Do you have any directions for me towards where i can do such a test online which is internationally accepted.

Looking forward to hear from you soon,



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Oct 19, 2006
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Welcome to the forums.

Looking at the ICAO website, it is clear that they do not recognize TEFOL or similar tests. They say this:

Efforts to develop appropriate and commercially available aviation-specific testing instruments are underway and aviation-specific test options are already available and more will become available in the near future.

All I can suggest is that you contact them and ask for direction to these test options.

These sites may also be of help:
Proficiency Tests - RMIT English Language Test for Aviation (RELTA) - Melbourne, Australia
EUROCONTROL - PELA (Proficiency Test in English Language For Air Traffic Controllers)
ICAO's New Aviation English Proficiency Standard
aerospaceenglish.com | Aviation English | English, Icao, Test, Candidates, Remedial

I hope this is of help and wish you all the best in finding a test centre.
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