Can anyone explain the correct meaning?

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Mar 23, 2005
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Although I can understand the nearest meaning of the use of "That being said, I wish to know what exactly it means so that I can use it practically.

Sentence goes like:

We do extensively scan and clean our system. However, some files are not a virus, and more importantly they are not a normal file type such as php or perl, we cannot detect it through our normal scan. That being said, by monitoring running processes that utilize high server resources, we are able to pinpoint these types of files.

I am sorry for my ignorance but I wish to overcome it, hence this request to experts.




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Sep 6, 2007
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Hi Peter2005

That being said and Having said that are transitional devices like however and is used to express as a contrasting thought:

This having been mentioned ...
Having this mentioned ...
Taking this into consideration ...
Now that I've mentioned this ...
Inspite of having said that...
Even so,
I acknowledge what I have just said it true, but...


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David L.

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Nov 7, 2007
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We cannot detect viruses. Having said that/having made that clear, what we can do is pinpoint these kind of files.

You have made a flat statement of fact, a bold assertion, even an absolute, and then add something which qualifies it.

Our insurance does not meet claims where payment is for damage due to acts of God. Having said that, we are prepared to make an ex gratia payment of $100.

For those interested, there is a backlash from long-suffering listeners to this phrase - see
Mother Tongue Annoyances Having Said That...That Said
I think that both speaker and listener may be in error. To say:
"I don't think Hilary Clinton should give up the race. Having said that, I don't think Obama should either."
The speaker is using the phrase incorrectly; and the bloggers are not differentiating between banning its incorrect use, and striking it totally from our armamentarium of useful phrases.
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