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Feb 23, 2017
Tackle the slopes of Mount Medvednica
Just 45 minutes north of Zagreb stands Mount Medvenica, one of Croatia's best ski spots. With a peak of more than 1,000 metres, there's a good chance of snow when you visit, but it also offers scenic hiking trails with views over the city. Selected pistes are lit well into night, so you can carve the slopes in transquility as the city twinkles below.

1. north When do we use small letter for compass direction?
2. Does over the city mean whole city? Over here means whole?
3. Why do we use
into night ?
4. What does carve the slopes mean?

Source: 5 reasons to visit Zagreb this Christmas 《Lonely Planet》


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Mar 5, 2014
1. Other members may disagree but when used in a preposition phrase like here (north of), it's okay to use small letters.
2. over gives a sense of altitude. You can look down on the city. Not necessarily the entire city.
3. into (the) night suggests 'not all night' but for a large part of the night.
4. carve the slopes means 'ski'.


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Dec 22, 2015
Only the lower-case north is correct. Capitalize compass points when they are used to name a region or are part of a name: I'm in Pennsylvania. I just got back from the Northwest [a named region, capitalized] where I visited the town of North East [the name of a real place which really is in northwest Pennsylvania, capitalized because it's a name]. Then I went south [uncapitalized because it's a direction] to Pittsburgh.
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