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Check my English website text

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Jul 10, 2006
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I am a French musician and i have made an English version of my website and i wanted to know what mistakes or wrong sentences i made.
The text is a bit long, i hope you don't mind.

Here it is:

"...We are glad to offer a library of royalty free music suitable for films, video, television, multimedia, Web, corporate music, music on hold, etc.

High quality and 100% royalty free:
We offer selections of every genre of music composed, produced and recorded by professional musicians especially
for us. We provide only high quality selected music tracks: classical music, ambient/Chill Out royalty free music, Rock, Hip-Hop,
Jazz, Dance, techno music and more.
Our license is very simple: Once you buy a music, you can use the recording for as long as you want
and anywhere in the world with no additional payments.

Listen, purchase and download:
Buying Royalty-Free music on our site is simple and quick : Search through our well-categorized library, choose a music, buy it and download.

Full Tracks, cuts and loops:
Most of our music is available as full cuts and music loops (also called Flash music Loops or sound loops.)
The loops can be used alone with Flash and websites but are also designed to be used combined with each other. You can create
your own arrangement and choose the length of your track by copying or assembling several loops together.

We provide Custom services:
- Help you choosing the right music for your project.
- Custom editing of a track from our music library: Modify length, create loop, remove/add instrument and more
(Ask for a quote).
- Composing unique music for your project, sound design, film scoring made by our team of musicians and producers (Ask for a quote)."



Nov 24, 2007
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Ben, it looks pretty good.
... once you buy a music.. (line 6) try ...once you buy a SONG...
again (line 9) ...choose a music... try ...choose a TUNE...
Good Luck.
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