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Clover letter& Resume

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20 Chengzhong Rd, Jiading District 20010•69980028• nikki_gy@sohu.com

Oct 16th, 2004

Shanghai General Motor Co.
1500 Sheng Jiang Rd. Pu Dong Jin Qiao Export Processing Zone
Shanghai, P. R. China
Post Code: 201206
Tel: 28902890

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to apply for the position, advertised in this net.

I feel I am well qualified for the position .At present; I am in the final year of the 3-year university and am a fresh graduated student you preferred. Second, I have a good command of the courses. It is known that the Sydney Institute of language and Commerce is a joint venture between Shanghai University and Sydney Technology University, as a graduate from that institute, there is no doubt that I am fluent at both oral and written English. Furthermore, I early passed the CET Band 4. Meanwhile, I focus on the development of personal computer and am good at Microsoft Office, particularly at word and excel.

In addition to the normal study, I am also in charge of the Student Union of Shanghai University, from which I gain many treasure experience, learn communication skills and teamwork spirit. In spare time, I practice as a manager assistant in an architect design company’s marketing department. Another practice was that as a Trainee working in account department of Jennifer Wedding Company.

I am confident that your company, as a booming promising company in the world, will provide the youth a good opportunity to achieve their goals. Your good reputation and nice benefit for the employee are my pursuit. Your promising future encourages everyone to work hard. I am enthusiasm man and have a teamwork spirit. My physical body, education, communication skill can be against the pressure and meet the challenge as well. I consider myself a most suitable applicant for the job.

The accompanying resume should serve to give you an idea not only of my past achievements but of my potential for making a significant contribution to your company.

I am looking forward to your response and would be happy to attend an interview at any time convenient to you.

Very truly yours,



Individual Materials:
Name: Nikki     
Chinese name: Yan Guo
Birthday: 10/11/1983
Gender: Female    
Health: Excellent
Language Spoken: Mandarin, English,
School-phone: 021-69981746
Email: nikki_gy@sohu.com

School: Shanghai University, 2002---2005
Major: International Trade

English Skills:
Good command of English both oral and written.
Especially excellent at written English

Computer Abilities:
A wide knowledge of computer skills such as programming, SQL, office software Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc
Particular good at Microsoft Office

Gain the honor of outstanding student leaders

Work Experience:
2002.10: the chief organizer of the knowledge contest for Sydney Institute of language and Commerce
2002.10-2003.5: the chief organizer of English club for Sydney Institute of language and Commerce
2003.7-2003.8: as a trainee in accounting department, of Jennifer Wedding Company
2004.6-2004.8: as a manager assistant in marketing department of a design company

Excellent physical body and smart intelligence against pressure
A good communication skill and a strong desire for achievement
A teamwork sprit


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Nov 13, 2002
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I am writing to apply for the position, advertised in this net.

Which position? And shouldn't that be 'website' not'net'? ;-)
Not open for further replies.