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At 222 room 7th dormitory in Shanghai University
Chengzhong RD JiaDing

Dear HR management:
I am honored of you can read this application. My name is Cao zhujun. You also can call me Robert. I am the freshman who graduated from Shanghai University SILC. My major is international business includes global marketing, accounting, organization behavior, micro-economic, macro-economic, international business, international management, and also be educated in foreign college model with MBA courses. Since, I am interesting in international trading, Internet is the best place for me to bargaining with others before till last summer working practice for SHENGHUA I/E CO.LTD.
Many years age, I have known your company by purchasing your production. Gradually, I have known more information about your company through electronic magazine. I was deeply absorbed in the productions, company cultural, and the aggressive momentum to the competitors. I like challenge with others, it can give me exciting and achievements. So, I concerned personality is the advantage for me to suit the company culture quickly, if I could join your company.
Thanks for reading this application again. I hope you can give me opportunity to proof myself, which I could qualify this job. Waiting for your response.

With many thanks

Your Sincerely
From Cao zhujun

222, 7th dormitory chengzhong Rd.
Shanghai 200000 China
(86-021) 6998-1035
Sept, 2002-present Shanghai University
Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce
Graduate in International Trade in July, 2005.Courses studied include Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Organizational Behavior, The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, International Financial, Basic Marketing, International Business, International Management, Financial Management, Advanced Math, Business English, etc.

July, 2003-Aug.2003 XinYa Restaurant
Position: The dining hall managementResponse for the Dining hall, and coordinate with several departments
Jun, 2002-Aug, 2003 Shanghai University I-go Club
Position: The organizer The person who is in charge of renting place, recruit new members, also be the trainer.
Jun, 2004-Aug, 2004 SHENGHUA I/E CO. LTD.
Position: The practicerLearn how to fill out contract, orders, and customer declaration.
·Fluent in English, like talk with foreigners with writing academic report.·Can use many software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, IE, and can use Internet to communicate information.·Be good at communicating with colleagues, in other hand, aggressive, like challenge with diffcuilts.


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Nov 13, 2002
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Dear HR management:

Don't write Dear HR management:- use a name.
My name is Cao zhujun.
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