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Cover letter and Resume by Alen

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Jaiqi Cao
Room 204, Building No.40, Yaohua Road, Shanghai, China
October 19, 2004

Sales Manager
Haier Co. Ltd
ZhaoJiaBang Road No.825, floor 2.

Dear Sir:
I was pleased to notice your advertisement for www.job.163.com for finding a sales manager. I will graduate from Shanghai University in June next year, till that time I have study international business for three years, so I think I can do this job well.
I have long been hopeful of working for you after I graduate, because I think you’re the finest company of me in this region, I was sure that if I have the position in your company, I will be very happy and try to increase my working experience during my camper’s life.
I think the job in your company is a good chance for me to use my knowledge, which I have studied in the university. It gives me free rein to combine my knowledge with the reality.

Thank you for your reading and consideration.

Sincerely yours:


Name: Alen
Date of birth: 1984-01-08
Mobile Phone: 13817093770
E-mail: amuro221_1984@hotmail.com

Education: Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce. Shanghai University 2002. 9 – now
Main Course: International Trade、Business Law、Finance Accounting、Micro Economics、Macro Economics Organization Behavior、Human Resource Management、International Management、Global Marketing、Management Consulting


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Nov 13, 2002
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