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Cover letter and Resume by Thomas

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Return address: Room503, House52, Lane25, Deping Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Email: chowchen6133@hotmail.com
Tel: 021-69981044
Cell Phone: 13917204850
Date: 2004/10/18

Person/Company: Mr. Li/Samsung (China) Investment Co., LTD.-Shanghai dept.
Address: Samsung’s Building, Number 6, Wuzhong Road, Shanghai
Tel: 021-54644777
Re: Possible Employment

Dear Mr. Li:
I am so happy to see the advertisement about inviting applications for jobs. Samsung is one of the biggest home electrics producers in the world, and today is getting more and more successful. It will be my pleasure to have a job in such a good company. Maybe it will be very important experience for me in my life.
I will be graduated as one student learning economics and management. My majority is the international trade. That’s why I’m so interested in the available job positions in Samsung. As a new comer in the society, what I need most are the working experiences, so I won’t aspire after a high position at first. What I want is the position that can be the challenge for me, and where I can get more practical knowledge. Therefore, I want to get a basic job in the marketing branch or HRM branch, which is my favorite.
I do not really care how much money I can get at first, and if I do works well, it won’t be a problem. Moreover, a new situation is very interesting. I must keep on studying if I get in this condition. With this kind of ambitions, I am very confident to do well.
I really long for the job position in such a big international company, where I can prove my own value. If I can get the job, Samsung will be the first stage for me to perform on!

Truly, yours
Thomas Zhou

Here is my Basic Resume:

Name: Cheng Zhou
English Name: Thomas
Sex: Male
Birthday: 1984.02.21
Birthplace: Shanghai
Health: Everything is O.K.
Hobbies/Interests: Music, Video games, Reading etc.
Date of Availability: Any time after graduated

Job/Career Objective:
International marketing dept./HRM dept.

2002/09—now: Shanghai University--Sydney Institution of Language and Commerce*
1999/09--2002/07:Shanghai Yangjing High School
*: Got scholarship in year 2003

Professional Experience:
1.Job exercitation in Pudong-Gas Co. Ltd(Shanghai) during the summer in year 2004
2.Some experience in doing the part-time jobs, in selling specific goods

Summary of Qualifications:
1.Good skill in studying (smart thinking)and well-knitted academic knowledge
(Relevant coursework:
Basic Marketing/ Financial Accounting/Financial Management/Organizational Behavior/International Economy and Trade/MIS/International Management/Statistics/Macro (Micro) Economics
International Commercial Laws/International Business/Business Communication)
2.Good communicating skill and high attitude of responsibility
3.Familiar with using the computers-including using the Internet, working by ‘Office’, basic database process and so on
4.Good English skill in commerce (and CET-4)and in daily communications


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I am so happy

This sounds like spoken language, not the language of a formal letter.;-)
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