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cover letter and resume

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Cover Letter
Return address: judith2026@yahoo.com.cn
Date: 2004/10/17
Person/Company: Miss shi / Anlian Dazhong Insurance Co., Ltd
Address: allianz_dazhong@hotmail.com , http://www.allianzdazhong.com.cn
Re: Possible Employment

Dear Miss shi:
The sale manager position advertised in the Internet intrigues me. I think that I’ m a suitable person to qualify this job.
I major in international trade in Shanghai University. Most of our teachers teach lessons by using English. So I think my English ability is not a problem if the job requirement needs it. Computer is also the important lesson that I must master. Now, I can skilled in use Office software, SQL software and so on. Meanwhile, I also learn many specialized subject such as International Finance, International Trade, Marketing and so on.
I think I can capable of working independently or as a member of a team and feel confident of my ability to provide quality performance in any assignment that I undertake. I also can have the good relationship with my partners.
Thank you for your attention to this matter. I hope that you can give me the opportunity to show my ability to direct your organization towards successfully achieving goals.

Sincerely yours,

Basic information:
Chinese name: Zhu hong
English name: Judith
Sex: Female
Date of birth: May 29, 1983
Telephone: 021-58396409
Mobile: 13386171992

A position that will further develop my superior marketing skills.

2002.9—2005.7 International Trade SILC Shanghai University

Academic Main Courses:
College English, Business English, Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Basic Marketing, Global Marketing, International Finance, Organization Behavior, International Management, International Business law, Financial Institutions and Marketing, Business Communication, Accounting, International trade basic knowledge, etc.

English Abilities:
Have a good command of both spoken and written English.

Computer Skills:
Skilled in use of Win 98/2000/XP, Office 98/2000, HTML, SQL software.

Scholarships and Awards:
2003.9 second-grade scholarships

2004.7 Work in Yiyi Corporation
Mainly in charge of the order of goods


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Dear Miss Shi,

The sale manager position advertised in the Internet intrigues me.

I don'tlike 'intrigues' here. 'Intrigue' doesn't suggest that you are committed to getting the job, just vaguely interested.

I’ m
Don't use contractions in formal writing at all.;-)
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