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Cover letter &Resume by Kevin

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Kevin Tsui
Room 401, Building No.1, Lane 55, FuMin Road, Shanghai, China
October 19, 2004
Olympus China No.707 Human Resource Office Dongfang Square West Chang’an Road, Beijing, China

Re: Possible Employment

Dear Mr Wang:

I am looking for a job at Marketing Department in your company---Olympus China. Please consider me for your Sales Manager. Currently I have just finished my second year of study, studying for a diploma Engineering Practice at the Shanghai University.

My major is International Trade in Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce (SILC). In the past halves two years, I had learned much professional knowledge, such as Basic Marketing, Global Marketing, Organizational Behavior, and now I can analyze marketing condition well.

My previous jobs affirm me that I am a team worker and have interpersonal skills. I am a hard worker, reliable and very determined. I adapt well in different environments and situations. I like to excel in everything I do therefore I pay close attention to details. I am also a self-starter. One of my passions is to start new things.

If my application has convinced you of my ability to satisfy you, I should welcome the opportunity to talk with you, so that you may judge my personal qualifications further.
Thanks for your reading and I am looking forward to your reply.



Personal Particulars
Position Desired:Sales manager
Name: Kevin Tsui Sex:Male
Date of Birth: July 15, 1984 Marital Status: Unmarried
Health: Excellent Tel: 021-62791202
Mobile phone: (0) 13061644173
E-mail Address: tsui715@hotmail.com

Three years study at Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce (SILC) in Shanghai University.

Working Experience & Job Duties
During the period from July to August in 2003, I had practice training in Shanghai Xinqiao House Trade Company.

Language Skills & Computer Skills
Proficient in office applications: Microsoft Office2000 Windows 9X/2000(NT)
Knowledge of and experience with Delphi, Database
Be good at English speaking and writing. (CET 4 IELTS :6)

Academic Main Courses
Basic Marketing Business Management Microeconomics
Global Marketing Organizational Behavior Macroeconomics
Business Communication Statistics Mathematics
International Finance International Trade International Laws

I like reading, traveling, sports

Qualification: good at communicate with others and be patient
Have strong ability to coordinate
Have strong responsibity to do the work


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Nov 13, 2002
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I am looking for a job at Marketing Department in your company---Olympus China.

Doesn't Mr Wang know the name of the company he works for?;-)


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Apr 21, 2004
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Qualification: good at communicate with others and be patient


Would you think "qualification" used here sounds like certificates?! :wink:
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