cover letter

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Dear Sirs

I gain the information that your company needs an administrative assistant. I would like to apply for that job.

I often heard the news about your company----Unlivery Company in many newspapers. I know your company riches in its products, and is famous for its reputation. Unlivery has much attraction for me. I want to earn more money, and you can give me this opportunity. I think the job suits me very much. I could try my best in this field. This job can bring me a lot of challenges, and I have the ability to overcome the difficulties. I desire to become one of your members.

I am a top-student in school. My motto is “ I think I can, I can.” If you give me the job, I would prove you that your choose is true. I have a work experience in P&E Import and Export Company. This may be would be useful to your company.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully
Not open for further replies.