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Please help me, my son started the fifth grade at a new school this year. He has been told by his new teacher to write his final draft of "What I Did This Summer" in cursive. Problem: He has not learned to write in cursive. I asked a number of times at his old school when they would begin to learn cursive and I was told it would come in 5th grade. To say the least my son is traumatized!!! I have bought a number of books but learning to write in cursive is a process. So as he sits attempting to write a paragraph in cursive, through tears and frustration, I am looking for advice on what I should do. Please help!!!![/b]


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Nov 13, 2002
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The new school should be ableto accommodate your son and understand what has happened. Contact your old school and get it in writing, then ask the new school toprovide some extra support for yourson if they have taught it in the fourth grade. They cannot expect your son to do things at that age that he has not been taught.
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