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demonstrative adjectives

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I am trying to help my daughter with her 6th grade homework and would greatly appreciate your help.

She is suppose to identify if it is a pronoun or adjective.

If it is an adjective- circle the word it points out.

Examples: Does this conversation seem familiar?
We'll use this map until we get to Taylorville?
Then we'll need the directions in that red envelope.
Isn't that the right road?

There are about 20 more sentences. I've looked up the definitions of dem. pronouns and dem. adjective, but still can't answer the help explain the difference in these sentences.-------Maggie


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Does this conversation seem familiar?
Here, conversation is a noun and this is modifying it, not replacing it. It is telling you which conversation, but not substituting the noun, so it's an adjective.

Isn't that the right road?
Here, that is replacing a word- the full version would be 'Isn't that road the right road/one?'. As it's replacing a noun, it's a pronoun.

Does that help?
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