Dose cyber-love really exist in our lives?

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Dose cyber-love really exist in our lives

Frankly speaking, I’d like not to make any remarks on this topic. If you ask me why, here are the reasons.
First, I seldom go to chat room to talk with a bunch of strangers. Second, I haven’t had such romantic experience so far. But just several weeks ago, one of my roommates told me that the boy lived next door got a girlfriend through Internet. “What an amazing thing!” I still remember that was my first reaction to the news. Only since then did I begin to accept that something like cyber-love maybe really exist in our life.
Unlike our grandparents, we are living in a brand new era, full of opportunities and challenges. Everyone in our society is struggling for living a better life. In order to withdraw themselves temporarily from the cruel reality, many people turn to Internet for help. Simply by opening the screen, logging onto the website, striking the little square elves, you can talk to anyone there. Who are you, where are you from, what do you do, all these so-called important factors in our daily life are put aside. No one would care for that, as long as you can share your ideas. That’s enough.
A good case in point is the lady and the gentleman in the You’ve Got Mail; they are business rivals in reality, but bosom friends on Internet. And like many other love stories, they finally fall in love with each other. Their happy ending once again proves the old saying that true love conquers all.
So, my dear friend, next time when you feel uneasy simply because you find the person who you have been talking to for a long time is not in the chat room, but beside you, please be careful. A romantic experience may probably happening on you.


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However, be careful- there are plenty of nuts out there. ;-)


I agree that it doesn't exsit in our lives. I think that it is just out there in the reach of anybody that can get their hands on it.
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