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Jan 29, 2008
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Hi everyone, this is my first message here ;-)
I'm a 21 year-old Spanish guy and I've been studying English in Seville's University for 3 years, although I've been learning English by my own since I was 7 or so.
Every time I meet a foreigner I usually introduce myself (and my friends) in English, but I'm not sure to be using the right words when I talk about my studies, because I don't know the right English equivalences for Spanish terms like "facultad", "universidad", "licenciatura", "diplomatura", "curso", "asignatura", "matrícula", etc.

In others words, after completing (secondary education or high school?) I started (post-secondary or undergraduate education?) so I'm (studying or doing) my third year in the (college or university). What's the difference between a subject and a course? Am I studying towards a degree or just a degree? Can I say "I'm doing a five-year degree"?... :-(

I know that educational systems also vary from country to country, so I will appreciate any help from any native speakers.

Feel free to make any correction or suggestion :)



Aug 25, 2007
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You study to earn a degree in some subject...
example: I am studying to earn a BA degree in literature.

A subject is broad.... a course is a part of the subject to be studied.
example: My subject is English and I have a course in grammar this semester.

I hope this helps,
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