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Education play the most important role in every human life. Without education human life become animal life. education gives everyone light to live one's life. It teach everyone how to respect to another people. Every educated people knows how to speak in good manner and how to think new idea.Education give power to everyone to think new idea and invent new things and one can stole everything but one can't stole of one's education. education is true friend of everyone . everyone should get education.but if we are talking about India. The Education system in India is not in good condition because in India every child not get their primary education. The poor people are not able to provide basic education to their children. Nobody no that who is responsible for that. Is the government responsible or parent. If we think deeply we find that poverty is the most responsible reason for the illiteracy in India . First of all every people will understand their duties after that every child get their education.


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Oct 3, 2009
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You should revise third person forms of verbs. Plays, becomes, gives, etc. Try to avoid repetitions. You used the words 'education', 'educated' twelve times in one paragraph. This is too many.

You need to work on your grammar, there are many mistakes in the text.

I am not a teacher.
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