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Apr 4, 2004
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Dear teachers,
I have two questions here.
1: He endowed a foundation.
what's the exact meaning of the sentence?
A: the foundation was set up by others, he just donate the money.
B: He used his own money to set up the foundation.
A or B or Depend on context?

2: He lived down the hall from Steve Ballmer.
what does it mean?
A: They lived in the same hall(dorm).
B: They lived in the same dorm and their rooms are along the same hall(corridor)
C: The dorm where he lived was next to the dorm where Ballmer lived.
A or B or C or ABC all wrong?
and what about this? The shop is down the street from the post office.
what does it mean?
please help. English preps are killing me!

thank you!

David L.

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Nov 7, 2007
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endow :
to give or bequeath an income or property to a person or institution;or establish a college post, annual prize, or project by donating the funds needed to maintain it.
So 1A is correct

A dormitory is a large room where several people would sleep, and these dormitories would be next to each other, along a hall or corridor.
So "He lived down the hall from Steve Ballmer" does not indicate that they shared a dormitory, only that where they slept was in the same hall (corridor). That his dormitory was "down the hall" means that it was not next to/adjacent to Steve Ballmer's. Hence, 1A would again be correct.

"Down the street" implies that the two buildings are in the same street, but one is some distance further along (down) the street than the other.
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