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Nov 6, 2006
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1) In English kindergartens, the children are encouraged to make use of the reused carton boxes or packages to make some models with their creativity. Schools will have all sorts of materials ready for them to glue or stick on the boxes. Like pong pong, fluffy ball, colourful soft paper / opaque paper, wire with some wool on top, colourful foam stick, colourful feather, wooden sticks......etc. I am looking for the proper names of the above materials for making arts and craft, or, is there any website introduced the materials with pictures and names?

2) I am helping in a kindergarten. Any website that I can learn more about the proper/common English expression (eg phrases, sentence, vocabulary even informal expression used among the community of children / kindergarten) using everyday in school?

3) Are there any websites teaching English for those working in English Kindergartens, like techique in teaching phonics, telling story, writing?

4) Are there any websites with Children songs in kindergarten level (with lyrics)?

5) Any websites you recommend for the benefit in working in a English kindergarten?

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