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Mar 13, 2018
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I am tutoring a student from Saudi Arabia. She has some very basic knowledge of English including numbers and colors and simple sentences in simple present. WE've been working on subject pronouns and forming questions with do/does and using the to be verb. Today, she received her Northstar Level 1 Speaking and Listening text, and it way too difficult for her. Does anyone have recommendations for a speaking and listening text that includes a cd or online audio that would be for the basic to low level speaker? Any suggestions would be so welcome. Thank you.

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You might take a look at: American Accent Training: Grammar by Ann Cook ISBN-13: 978-0-7641-9651-5 (book and 2 CD set)

It's designed as a self-study course, but I think it's a bit too advanced for a non-native speaker to tackle alone. It could be effective with a coach, such as yourself.