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Mar 7, 2008
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I am a grade 12 student, our teacher assigned us to do write an essay which topic is "compare and contrast two of the serveral filmic adaptations of shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet." this topic really makes me confused for I don't know what my thesis should look like(especially the framework). should I compare three(the play of Romeo and Juliet and two movies.) of them like a triangle? could somebody give me assisstance or hints.


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Mar 10, 2008
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I'm not a teacher, and your own teacher is the best person to advise on what they are looking for, but my suggestion would be as follows:

Introducing your, or someone else's, interpretation of the play into the essay, I believe, distracts from the apparent teacher's requirement to contrast 2 film versions of the play.

If you picked, say, a film version of the play that had been transposed into modern times, against a film version of the play set in its original time and compared the two, I believe that would work.

Equally well, versions by 2 different film Directors could give different insights into interpreting the original production.

Hope this helps.

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